The Most Useful Tool

I was struck yesterday how my most useful tool is also Microsoft’s most reviled creation.

I’m referring to, of course, Clippit.

I was reminded of this when I used a common paper clip to perform two jobs that I do all of the time (not counting actually clipping two pieces of paper together.)

1)  I had a CD stuck in a drive.  Unhinge a paper clip, stick it in the hole and BAM!  Out it comes.

2)  I had a router that I needed to, um, recycle for another project.  Use the same unhinged paper clip from step one, stick it in the reset hole, power it on for 30 seconds, and KAPOW!  A fresh router!

And the best part?  ZOWIE!  The clip can be found almost anyplace, and carried very easily.  SHAZAM!

Man; I need to stop watching all of the old Batman series.

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