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Remote Web Workplace Stops Working with “The Client Could Not Connect” Error

Here is the symptom: Remote web workplace suddenly stops working, and when you try to connect, you get the following error: “Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established. Ensure that the remote computer is on and connected to … Continue reading

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Windows XP Log on, Logging Off Problem (Karate Kid Edition)

Here is a new one. A client had a computer where when she went to log in, the desktop picture would flash, and then it would immediately go to “logging off…” back to the startup screen.  This would happen in … Continue reading

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Oh, Microsoft…Why Do We Trust You?

Dear Mr. Gates Ballmer; I understand that I am supposed to update Windows when you ask me to. I also understand that you cannot possibly make sure that all updates work with all systems. But why, in the name of … Continue reading

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Life…is Complicated

It seems to me that right around the time Windows XP came out, computers were almost…simple. Printers worked, and could be installed in 10 minutes. Setting the IP address of a machine could be done in 5 minutes without a … Continue reading

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So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehn, Goodbye!

The blog-o-sphere has been talking about nothing but Microsoft for the past week, and it is for these three reasons: Bill Gates, Bill Gates, Bill Gates. First it was the “quote heard round the world” where Mr. Gates so famously … Continue reading

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Two Quick Thoughts

Two quick thoughts, since it has been ages since my last post: 1) I hate the packaging that is around ethernet cables, power bars, and other computer cables. Not only are they impossible to open without a knife or scissors, … Continue reading

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The Most Useful Tool

I was struck yesterday how my most useful tool is also Microsoft’s most reviled creation. I’m referring to, of course, Clippit. I was reminded of this when I used a common paper clip to perform two jobs that I do … Continue reading

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Microsoft Gets Rich…$49.95 at a Time

A lot of my clients are small firms or individuals. Often times, when they need a piece of software installed, they have me buy it, install it, and charge them for my cost. This works most of the time….except for … Continue reading

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