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The Most Useful Tool

I was struck yesterday how my most useful tool is also Microsoft’s most reviled creation. I’m referring to, of course, Clippit. I was reminded of this when I used a common paper clip to perform two jobs that I do … Continue reading

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Microsoft Gets Rich…$49.95 at a Time

A lot of my clients are small firms or individuals. Often times, when they need a piece of software installed, they have me buy it, install it, and charge them for my cost. This works most of the time….except for … Continue reading

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It Finally Happened

It was sudden.  There was an unexpected tickling in places I never knew existed.  A brief flush to my cheeks.  An elated sensation that came upon me like a out-of-control freight train. I got Googled. After several years of my … Continue reading

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Most Expensive WiFinder…ever

I have found a very useful side effect of the iPhone.  It allows me to easily determine if any of the wifi connections in the area are unmanaged without pulling out my laptop.  That is a pretty good deal….for $10.  … Continue reading

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