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Oh, Microsoft…Why Do We Trust You?

Dear Mr. Gates Ballmer; I understand that I am supposed to update Windows when you ask me to. I also understand that you cannot possibly make sure that all updates work with all systems. But why, in the name of … Continue reading

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Anti-Malware I Trust

When researching this problem, I ran across several postings for an anti-malware program that I had never heard of.  I hesitated to use it, as apparently you cannot believe everything you read on the internet, so I tried the manual … Continue reading

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Blue Screen of…..Humor?

I got a call last week from a firm I had been in contact with, but had not done any work. One of the principals had gotten a viral infection: Antivirus XP 2008. I assisted with the removal of it, … Continue reading

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If Lewis and Clark had MAPIs Like These, They Would Still Be in Missouri!

Imagine if you will: You have a user who hates Office 2007 You purchase and install Office 2003 3 months later, when you go to create a new personal folder in Outlook 2003, you get an “Unknown Error” As it … Continue reading

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MarsEdit Test Post

This is a test post with MarsEdit software. Let us see if it works!

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Perhaps Ted Kaczynski Wasn’t so Crazy After All….

This last weekend, I spent the entire time in a different time. I rode horses….as the main form of transportation. I saw wild pigs….10 feet away And, I was in a completely cell-free, internet-free, almost tv-free land (although the Olympics … Continue reading

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