Someday My Voice will Change

To the surprise of all, I went to computer camps as a kid.  In fact, if you have the People magazine with the cover that has this version of Annie on it, I am in one of the pictures.

I bring this up, only because I was reminded recently of one of the counselors.  He had a “black box” that would fake the electronic sounds a coin would make when dropped into a pay phone, thus allowing him to make free phone calls.  Needless to say, we all thought this was the coolest thing.  He also could program a computer to play Eleanor Rigby.

I was reminded of him only because on more than one occasion, the pitch of my voice has caused a voice mail system to erase my message and start over again…as if I had pressed a button on the keypad.

Now, if only I could figure out which word/pitch combination I used, and I could rule the world!

Or, at least learn Chinese.

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