I Guess That is Why it Wasn’t Called “Backup Exact”

I have two clients that both exhibited the same problem. While Backup Exec would work, there would be consistent alerts about hotfixes not installing. And, for both clients, the same fix would have to be done:

  1. Find out the version of BE they are running
  2. Go to the Symantec support site
  3. Search for that version + “service pack”
  4. Download the standalone installer for the service pack
  5. Install the service pack
  6. Wait for o’dark hundred to restart the server
  7. Install the hotfix

Why on God’s Green Earth (GGE) could Symantec not install the SP during one of the many Live Update sessions, I will never know.

The best part? For at least one client, the download of the SP kept failing at the last megabyte, so I had to download it to a different machine, VPN in and upload (at a vvvvvveeeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowwww rate) to the server before installing.


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